Website Development for Tango Professional

We designed, developed, launched and tested results.

Born in Argentina, Fidel Guerrero started his artistic career at a very young age as a salsa dancer. He is now a teacher, choreographer, and professional tango dancer.



  • Portfolio and business page for professional artist.
  • Create a way for the artist to communicate with followers.

  • Increase brand awareness and professional image.
  • Increase service requests and sales.

The website has been designed to resemble as if the visitor was viewing a photo album while providing essential information. Fidel’s website has generated great complements worldwide.
All images have been optimized to ensure the best quality while maintaining a fast and light website for better user experience.
Due to the artists international reach we decided to create an English and Spanish version of Fidel’s website. You can select your language any time by clicking on the appropriate flag.